One Hour 'til Daylight


Monsters are battling.

For who will settle in.

Sleep well, my angel

Sleep well tonight.


Words I heard but never felt

Were now completely washed away.

Cross the line, lose my mind

the first of thousands times today.

Hearts I felt but never saved,

the clockwork of this torturous game.

Let me go, let me breath,

or please just let me sleep.


Sleep well, my angel

Sleep well, my child.


Wo-oah the ground is gone.

I'm falling, I'm falling to hell!


Hour after hour I reach in the dark

There is gas in my system waiting for a spark.

Trigger films in my memories of stories I hate.

You are gone and I'm going to lose my fucking mind.


Wo-oah the light is gone.

I'm dying, I'm dying tonight!


The ground is gone, I'm falling to hell.

The light is gone, I'm dying, I'm dying tonight.


Wo-oah the time has come.

I'm trying to exit the night.


© Call of Insanity

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